Less hassle for your IT team

A solution to mitigating maintenance efforts and costs. Keep control of the storage capacity of shared folders by configuring user quota.

CSystem operations are well logged with the visual display of historical logs and advanced search engine to quickly identify an event.

CSave time by letting employees recover accidentally deleted files by themselves with built-in snapshot technology and file versioning.

Team up & Shared

Configure quota and privilege settings for Team Folder to better manage storage capacity for departments, and create sharing links in a few clicks with password and expiration date protection.

CSync and share files across individual sites, so employees can focus on delivering the best results.

CIndex all the files in NAS and search with ease. Collaborate with colleagues and partners with Document, Spreadsheet, and Slides.

Mission-critical backup for business data

There’s no harm in having one more copy. Create a High Availability cluster to avoid unexpected service disruptions.
Easily encrypt and back up data to a remote location, such as another Synology NAS, file server, or even the public cloud service of your choice.
In businesses where maintaining 24/7 service is paramount, advanced security measures are provided to safeguard your data.