Easy Business Ultra

Easy Business Ultra offer an unlimited Data and Calling bundle at our best ever price for small business

Join and enjoy a First Hour Free on-site Installation in urban areas of Auckland and Christchurch

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Fiber unavailable?

Easy Business Ultra Plans

We’ve got different business UFB plans to suit your needs, from light usage (Email, EFTPOS, etc) to Heavy Usage (Large file uploads, Video conferening, etc).

All plans come up with an unlimited calling line to NZ/ AU

Add a second unlimited calling line for $20/m

Unlimited data

From $

Easy Business Ultra 300

  • Unlimited calling line to NZ/AU
  • Unlimited Data
  • 300/100 Mbps
  • Free Lease Router
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • First Hour Free on-site Installation in urban areas of Auckland and Christchurch

Unlimited data

From $

Easy Business Ultra Max

  • Unlimited calling line to NZ/AU
  • Unlimited Data
  • 900/400 Mbps
  • Free Lease Router
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • First Hour Free on-site Installation in urban areas of Auckland and Christchurch

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Important things about 111 emergency call

IMPORTANT: Wireless and Fibre services do not work in the event of a power cut. This means the landline or devices such as cordless phones and other devices (like medical alarms) may not be able to work - even if they have a battery. This could impact your ability to contact 111 emergency services.

Make sure you have another way to access 111 in an emergency.

We recommend you have an alternative method, such as a charged mobile phone or a power backup device such as, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep you connected.

Vulnerable Consumers

If you're a Smartcall/UnicomNZ account holder and either you or someone in your household needs to contact 111 services on your landline for medical, disability or security reasons, Smartcall/UnicomNZ will provide eligible customers a suitable device to contact 111 in the event of a power cut. To apply you'll need to click here and complete a Vulnerable Consumer form, after you have submitted your order.

Under the Commerce Commission's 111 Contact Code, it's our responsibility to provide extra support to people who qualify for it, for health, disability or safety reasons. Whatever the situation, we'll never refuse to provide you with a landline just because you need this extra support.

For more information, please read the document.

Why Choose UnicomNZ?

Unicom NZ is a 100% kiwi owned Telecommunication and Technology Company. We have been setting a very high standard in the service we offer. Unicom NZ offers a range of products and services from retail to organizational needs. We emphasize on individual customer needs and carry out the best approach from them.



Our engineers are highly qualified and certified, with the full skill set in resolving technical issues; The management team is very experienced in IT & ICT industry, got sufficient resource and connections to get things done; Our staff members are always friendly and fully equipped with sense of urgency, to make sure you are able to sit back and focus on your own business growth.


Customer Service

Our customers are all over New Zealand . Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in delivering excellent service and solution to assist our customer achieving their goals.


One-step Solution

UnicomNZ is formed by a group of young men and fully loaded with brilliant minds. We are keen to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology and make them applicable with a reasonable price.

We are not only Broadband, Voice and Mobile services provider, we also offer IT & ICT services such as Data Management Solution, Network Security, Cloud computing and many more.


Account Manager

Every business regardless of size at UnicomNZ is taken care by a dedicated account manager, who are experienced in ICT industry and ready to answer your business inqueries. Keeping your business on the righ track is what they specialised in, and they always provide solutions to help your business grow.

Business Grade Router

We have different types of router to meet your needs under free lease condition.

Wireless Dual Band Router (Gigabit VoIP modem)

Superfast Dual Band Wi-Fi

Supports VOIP Calls

Easy set-up

Wireless Dual Band Router
(High Performance & Reliability)

New generation CPU

Five Gigabit Ethernet ports

Enhanced Stability

Add-on service and products

We offer different types of add-ons to improve your Network stability, WIFI performance, Internet security, Business continuity and more.

Wifi Enhancement Solution

Start from $20/m or one-off purchase available

UnicomNZ Wifi enhancement solution provides better coverage and stronger signal than routers and range extenders.

Hybrid Router

Start from $0/m

We offer different range of selection of Hybrid Router. Simply insert your 3G/4G SIM card into the built-in module.

Business Continuity

Start from $10/m

With 4G compatible router, your internet connection will be automatically failover to 4G network when outage occured to your primary connection.

Enhanced Router

Start from $30/m

Enhanced Router are next-generation, enterprise-class routers, providing industry-leading system performance and scalability that meet current and future business needs.

Enhanced Hybrid Router

Start from $50/m

Enhanced Router combined with 4G LTE module, support continuous business operation.

Managed WAN

Start from $149/m

We recommend Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution to deliver end-to-end network security with one platform, one network security operating system and unified policy management with a single pane of glass – for the industry’s best protection against the most advanced security threats and targeted attacks.

Cloud PBX

Start from $15 per user/month

Need more extensions?

UnicomNZ Cloud PBX offer more fexible and intelligent options for your voice needs. With advanced PBX Features and Softphone Apps, you can work smarter anywhere.