UnicomNZ Mobile Endless Plan

UnicomNZ Mobile Endless Plan is on a hot promotion, with a massive 40% discount on the leader plan, helping you surf the mobile network freely without worrying about data limits or expensive overage charges.

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UnicomNZ Mobile Endless Plan

Total 66.00/Month. Extra connections $36.00/Month each

Add a connection

Unlimited Data

Speed will be reduced to 1.2 mbps after 100GB

Unlimited*Calls to NZ & AU
Unlimited*Texts to NZ & AU
$8 daily business roaming to 100+ destinations
Hotspot included
5G Ready
*At reduced speeds experience is impacted including image quality, load times and hign-speed apps. Hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion.

UnicomNZ Mobile data companion 40GB

Hotspot included
5G Ready

UnicomNZ Mobile data companion 60G

Hotspot included
5G Ready

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Plan Features

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$8 Roaming

$8 Daily Business Roaming in over 100 destinations.


On all plans at no extra cost.


To other devices at no extra cost.

Unlimited Plans:

*Max speeds on 100GB/m max speed then unlimited plans reduce to 1mbps after 100GB/month, per person & hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion. At reduced speeds you can mostly use your data on your phone the same as before but image quality, loading times and high-speed applications will be impacted. Fair Use Policy applies.

After 100GB:

You can mostly use your data on your phone the same as before including listen to music, browse online, Zoom call, stream, download stuff, watch movies but the image quality will be lower (particularly hotspotting to a big screen), it’s not suitable for HD video, there may be buffering/i- nterruptions, some high speed gaming and applications may not work and loading large files m- ay take longer. Click here for more details. Unlimited mins/texts/data: Standard NZ and Aussie mins and person to person text, excl. premium rate numbers (eg short codes). Calls rounded up to the next minute. NZ data usage only. Excludes picture messages & video calls, standard rates apply. Click here for full T&Cs.

Unlimited Calls and Texts to NZ & Aussie:

Calls and texts to Norfolk Island and Australian Antarctic Territory are excluded.

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