What is Intelligent Building?

By choosing UIB service, you have lower cost, large bandwidth, longer lasting, simply management.

A small number of cables required waterproof, hign and low temperature resistant, basically no maintenance requirement on build up stage.

PON system

One independent fiber in every entire unit, up to 1G/500M bandwidth.

Intelligent Building


Use fiber to deliver your TV signal. No additional cables required.
Intelligent Building

Video Intercom

Video intercom system gives visitors a means to contact someone in the building when they arrive at the entrance door. It commonly used between the mail entrance and a location within the interior of the home.
Intelligent Building


CCTV is a system that allows building manager to keep an eye on what’s going on in and around the public area.
Intelligent Building

Access Control

The purpose of an access control system is to provide quick, convenient access to those persons who are authorrized, while at the same time, restricting access to unauthorized people.
Intelligent Building

Smart Home Package

A smart home is any place of residence outfitted with electronic devices that can be connected in a network and remotely controlled through a smartphone or a controller.